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Please become a member of the Museum of North Idaho. Your contribution provides needed revenue for the professional exhibition, interpretation and care of historic artifacts, photographs and archives. As a non profit organization, the Museum relies on donations and support such as yours to operate. Please send in your generous tax deductible contribution today. Support the preservation  local history.

To make a contribution by phone using a VISA or MasterCard, Call Dorothy Dahgren at 208-664-3448

Benefits Include:

  • 10% off books and Museum Store purchases 
  • Free admission to the Museum
  • Quarterly newsletter

Steamboat Names
Represent Levels of Support:

  • Georgie Oakes - $100.00+
  • Idaho - $100.00
  • Flyer - $50.00
  • Amelia Wheaton - $25.00



Give to the Museum of North Idaho Endowment Fund:

Give a gift to the Museum of North Idaho that is not only a gift today but continues to benefit the preservation of local history in perpetuity.

The endowment provides a secure and dependable source of income. As we expand our programs and facilities, we need to broaden our funding base in a way that provides dependable annual funding. Building the Endowment Fund provides a stable source of annual funding. Please consider a contribution.

Donations can be given now or included in your estate planning. Please talk to you attorney or accountant. The Museum of North Idaho is a 501 c 3 and donations are tax deductible and count as credit for contributions to educational entities.

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